The Classic dual voltage Windscreen Repair kit is the professional’s choice and used by windscreen repair & replacement companies in many countries in both the northern and the southern hemispheres because it has been designed to provide professional quality repairs consistently combined with maximum ease of use.

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Want to carry out repairs outdoors? no need for an inverter; it’s a 12 volt kit. Need to do repairs in a workshop? Then no need to look for a 12v source, the included power supply unit makes it a mains powered kit – easy.

The “Classic” system is a high quality windscreen repair system designed for the windscreen replacement industry and the motor trade.

Available plugs: Dual Voltage 12V/240v kit with UK 3 pin plug fitting, Dual Voltage 12V/220v kit with Euro 2 pin plug fitting, Dual Voltage 12V/110v kit with USA plug fitting, Dual Voltage 12V/230V with Australian plug fitting.