Leading European supplier of plastic and rubber extrusion mouldings for windscreens, auto glass replacement (AGR) accessories and plastic/rubber trims for other industries (building, machinery, buses, decoration, electronics, etc.)

Among other customers, we supply the main auto-glass manufacturers (AGC, Saint Gobain, Guardian, Pilkington) & distributors in Europe.

We design, develop, produce and market extrusion technical profiles of plastic and rubber, with various additions and materials, both for the automotive glass replacement, body spare parts industries and for other fields and uses, providing a customized service, as we understand how important it is for the customer to achieve an optimal performance. Our company identifies the customer’s needs and offers them what they require, maintaining loyalty and working every day to gain customer confidence in our company’s strengths and spirit of self-improvement, that enables ALP GIEG to face the present and future challenges with a guarantee of success.

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